$2 Electric Bill? Going Green With Solar Can Save You BIG!

There are many new home tracts in the Santa Clarita Valley that are offering solar energy as part of the residence packages that they are building out.

My wife and I moved into a solar-powered new home in the Sage Tract in Saugus (Plum Canyon area) that was built with solar technology.

One thing to remember about the newer solar technology is that the solar panels are now built INTO the roof line, so you no longer have to worry about the unsightly and huge panels that jut out across the top of your home. Newer solar panels are much more energy efficient and require less maintenance than the ones they were building just a few years ago.

Here’s an important fact about our electricity bill: Our electric bill has averaged around $7 per month, and in some cases, it’s been less than $2.

If you were to hire a solar company to install panels into your current home, you will pay a monthly fee to that company until the construction bill is paid off. Understand that when you purchase a NEW home that is constructed with solar technology, you aren’t paying a monthly fee to the solar company that installed it, so you can begin almost instantly saving $$ on your electric bill.

If you would like more information on how this all works, or would like to schedule a viewing of new homes in the Santa Clarita Valley that are being constructed with solar technology, contact me by clicking here, or call me directly at 661-510-2789. You can always search for homes and learn more about the home buying process by going to