Buyers: I work for you….for FREE!!!

One of the great aspects of using Montemayor & Associates as your buyer’s agent when looking to purchase a home is that you don’t pay our fees, the seller does. In essence, you pay nothing for our professional level of service representing YOUR needs in a home purchase negotiation.

Why is this important?

Remember, that when a seller lists a home with a real estate agent, that agent is contractually obligated to represent the seller’s interests, not the buyers. So for those home buyers who think they’re “cutting out the middleman” by calling the agent whose name is on the sign in front of the home they are interested in buying, that agent is actually working for the seller’s interest, not the buyer’s. Yes, true professionals will try to aid the negotiations between the buyer and seller to a win-win conclusion, but remember, the listing agent HAS to represent the seller as per the listing contract. Basically, when the listing agent is working for both the buyer AND the seller, he or she may feel more obligated to lean toward the needs of the person who is paying their fees IE: the seller.

In hiring Montemayor & Associates as your buyer’s agent, we represent YOUR interests in the negotiation process. We make sure the seller and seller’s agent understand your needs and your unique situation, and we fight for the best deal for you. Again, THIS COSTS YOU NOTHING!

If you are considering buying a home, there is no better time than now. Interest rates and home prices are incredibly low, and there are some great home buyer programs available that can get you into a home for as little as half a percent down. For more information, go to or call us direct at 661-290-3802.