E-Waste Disposal In Santa Clarita

Whether you’re selling a home, or buying a home, we all need to know where to dispose of electronic waste in Santa Clarita.

The real estate world seems to revolve around “stuff.” While we’re in the business of selling real “stuff” (IE: Real property), personal “stuff” seems to be the issue for many buyers and sellers. For buyers, in many cases they’re looking for a place with more room for their “stuff”, but meanwhile, they’ve collected “stuff” that they can no longer use.

For home sellers, there’s “stuff” left over they no longer use, need or want. Maybe they’re moving across the country and don’t know what to do with the extra “stuff.” Some of the “stuff” has outlasted its useful life, and needs to be discarded or recycled.

For electronic “stuff”, IE: electronic waste, or e-waste, you can’t simply throw it in the trash. California regulations require special handling of e-waste disposal. With the passage of the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, the state has established and implemented guidelines and procedures for e-waste removal. Aside from being made from materials that will not break down through natural means, many electronic items contain chemicals and substances that are harmful to the environment if disposed improperly. As the technology industry has grown over the decades, so has the need to implement proper disposal procedures in an effort to reduce their effects on the landscape and environment.

What exactly is “E-Waste?”

While there is no clear definition of e-waste, its popular definition refers to any electronic product that is at or near their useful life. This refers especially to computers, televisions, VCR’s, stereos, copiers, printers, and fax machines, which are commonly described when discussing the most popular products for e-waste disposal. All of these products contain chemicals and substances that are particularly harmful to the environment. Monitors and televisions especially, because of the chemicals in CRT’s (Cathode Ray Tubes) and the more modern flat screens are especially toxic.

That being said, e-waste really can be described as any item that is electronic in nature, whether it’s battery powered (DC) or something you plug into a wall (AC).

Where can I dispose of e-waste in the Santa Clarita Valley?

Waste Management, located at 25772 Springbrook Road in Saugus allows drop offs of electronic waste. You will need to go during normal business hours (Monday-Friday), and provide some basic information on a form that includes your contact info and the types of items you are dropping off. This is required by California law, and your information is not shared or used by third parties or by Waste Management for any other purpose. The bin is located just inside the parking lot to the left near the other disposal bins.

Waste Management also offers Santa Clarita residents up to 4 scheduled bulky item pickups per year. You must live within the Santa Clarita city limits to qualify. Outside the city you qualify if you are a Waste Management customer. Call 661-259-2398 to schedule your pickup. Items must be moved to the front of your home at the curb.

Goodwill also offers e-waste services, and coordinates with non-profit organizations for e-waste drives. You can learn more by going to the Goodwill website, or by calling 323-539-2130.

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