Fed Holds Off On Rate Hike Due To Economic Conditions

Mortgage rates will hold steady for the time being.

Slow economic growth over the summer has motivated the Federal Reserve to remain cautious, holding off on proposed rate hikes for now.

National Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew slower than expected over the summer. As such, the Fed has made plans to raise the rate of money borrowed by lending institutions in an effort to stave off runaway inflation, based on higher economic projections that have yet to be met.


Brandon Montemayor

Good News For Home Buyers

Interest rates have held at under 4 percent for the bulk of past year. As of the date of this article, mortgage interest rates are as follows:

  • 30 year fixed-rate mortgage: 3.87%

  • 15 year fixed-rate mortgage: 3.15%

  • FHA 30 year fixed: 3.60%

  • Jumbo 30 year fixed: 3.67%

  • 5/1 fixed adjustable rate mortgage: 2.93%

How long will rates hold steady?

While the Federal Reserve has continued to hold off on any rate increases, we may still see a rise by year’s end. This of course may be based on final quarter economic conditions.

What’s holding you back from making the decision to buy a home?

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