Home Warranties: How to File a Claim

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty works just like any other warranty you might add when purchasing a consumer product such as an electronic device, television, or appliance. Home warranties are fee-based (usually annually), and cover repairs of certain items within your home should something go wrong. Some items that are covered include:

Plumbing System, plumbing stoppages, toilets, sump pump (permanently installed), bathroom whirlpool motor pump, recirculating hot water pump, water heater, heating and ductwork, electrical system, telephone system, central vacuum system, garage door opener, ceiling fans, attic and exhaust fans, smoke detectors, doorbells, dishwasher, range, oven, cook tops, built-in microwave, instant hot water dispenser and trash compactor.

You do however want to refer to your individual home warranty contract to verify exactly what your warranty covers, as the list above demonstrates a typical warranty. NOT ALL HOME WARRANTIES ARE THE SAME! If you have questions about home warranties, click here to contact us.

Anyone who buys a home using our real estate services will receive a free home warranty. So what happens if and/or when you have to file a claim?

Many new homeowners mistakenly contact a contractor or repairman directly when something goes wrong in their home, and then try to collect a refund from the home warranty company after the fact. This is not the way home warranties work. Home warranty companies have a network of contractors and repair companies that they contract with to make repairs as quickly as possible once a claim is filed. This way the homeowner has no up front out-of-pocket repair costs. The only cost the homeowner may be responsible for is a deductible upon completion of the repair. (Check your home warranty for details).