It’s Raining….Time to check your home’s condition!

It doesn’t rain that often in Southern California, but when it does, nothing prevents rain and water-related damage to your home better than just a little bit of proactive inspections.

Before the next rain storm, make sure you check your rain gutters to make sure they are clear. When it is raining, try to make the opportunity to do a quick outside inspection to insure water from rain gutters is flowing smoothly to the gutter’s exit spout, and not overflowing from the gutters themselves. Water overflowing from the gutters usually means there is debris blocking the flow somewhere which can eventually cause water damage along your roof line or eaves of the house. Waterlogged eaves can eventually lead to dry rot, which can open the way for wood-destroying pests.

While you’re checking around the outside of the home, make sure there are no puddles forming where they shouldn’t be. Puddles forming along hillsides, portions of your back yard, or even your hardscape are possible indications of drainage or foundation issues.

You also want to make sure you see no moisture or water stains on the ceilings inside the home. It is also best to check your attic for water leaks as well. Many water-related issues inside homes begin in the attic. Remember that unchecked moisture problems can lead to physical damage of your home as well as contribute to mold and mildew that can possibly become health hazards if not treated early.

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