It’s Time to Take Action!

We have occasionally encountered home buyers (or POTENTIAL home buyers, I should say) who do everything they are supposed to when they are planning to buy a home. They do the research, they find a home, they get all their ducks in a row, they take aim…they take aim…they take aim…

Whether it’s buyer’s remorse or fear of the unknown, many of these types of “buyers” end up kicking themselves later because they did not follow through on their actions to buy the home they always wanted. While it is understandable that this type of decision may weigh heavily on some, it is important to strike while the iron’s hot. The market is great for home buyers now, and especially when you have everything else ready to go (Loan pre-qualification, etc.), then it’s time to get going and get the home of your dreams.

We are here to guide you; to make sure you feel you are making the best decision possible. We are also compassionate to your needs and feelings should you have doubt, and are here to reassure you in any way we can. Ultimately, the decision rests on you to either purchase or pass…But again, more people have kicked themselves for NOT buying, that for making that final move and taking action.

On another note, this will be the LAST blog post under Montemayor & Associates. We are excited to bring news that we have partnered with another major top producer here in the Santa Clarita Valley, so our name will change (slightly) in future posts. More details to come!

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