Maintenance Checklist: Preparing Your Home for Winter

No matter where you live (Yes, even here in sunny Southern California), it is important to make sure you have prepared your home for the winter months.

Now, each region may have different individual methods for preparation. Areas where snow or below-freezing temperatures are common in the winter months may require more preparation than areas located in the desert or warmer weather climates. The following is a short list of items to consider in preparing your home for winter no matter where you live:

Check your roof, especially near skylights, chimneys, climate-control devices (Heating/AC), or solar panels (where applicable) to insure there are no gaps or areas where leaks can occur. You can close those gaps with roof sealant found at your local hardware store. If you see gaps that are large or show serious wear, contact a roofer for an inspection.
Check your attic for air leaks. Typically, attics are 10 degrees warmer than the air outside, so feel along the crevices and along corners for cooler air.
Check and clear all rain gutters of debris and dirt.
Replace your heating/AC filters regularly. Opinions vary, but a good rule of thumb is to replace your filters at least every 3 months.
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