Santa Clarita City Council Approves Master Conceptual Plan For Rivendale Park

Improvements to the recently acquired Rivendale Park and Open Space to move to the next phase.

In an unanimous move, the Santa Clarita City Council approved a conceptual master plan for improvements to the the Rivendale Park and Open Space, located at the entrance of Ed Davis Park at Towsley Canyon in Newhall.

The conceptual plan, reviewed by the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission in June, calls for improvements on 14 acres of the 60 acre park. These improvements include nearly tripling the size of parking (From the current 107 spaces to 311), 2 and a half miles of trails, improved trailheads, a cultural/educational area, and an amphitheater with approximately 300 fixed seats plus grass seating, as well as the addition of three small restrooms.


Since the City of Santa Clarita acquired the Rivendale property in 1995, its use has been limited primarily as an entry point to the already established trail heads located within Ed Davis Park at Towsley Canyon. The site is made up of three parcels which were annexed into the City of Santa Clarita in 2003.

In 2012, the Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission supported the development of a master plan which would allow for improvements on the Rivendale property. Community workshops helped to identify the community’s desire for improvements as well as to make suggestions for development and use of the open space to the benefit of the area residents.


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