Santa Clarita Housing a Safe Investment

Statistics show Santa Clarita homeowners are getting a very good return on their investment.

It’s been written that the industry standard for return on investment as far as real estate goes is on average between 3 to 5 percent. In the Santa ClaritaHome Warranty Valley, the median price of a single family home rose 12 percent in 2014. Condos, while not faring quite as well, still rose by just a little over 8 percent.

So think about it: Where else can you make an investment with only a small percentage down, and make 12 percent on that investment in as little as 12 months?

When thinking about personal wealth and investments for your future, real estate truly is one of the best investments you can make.


Now, the past couple of years has seen recovered growth in the Santa Clarita Valley from a few “down” years during the recession. Even taking those negative equity years (Between 2007-2010), on average, single family homes in the Santa Clarita Valley have increased in value by 6.15 percent per year since 1998 (Source: Southland Regional Association of Realtors. 1998 was the first full year they posted median statistics in the Santa Clarita Valley).

Are there other investments out there that may provide you a higher yield in a shorter period of time? Possibly. But you must also consider the amount of risk involved in shorter term, higher yield investments, as they can equally lose your money as fast (or faster) than you’ll gain.

If you’re considering other low risk investment options, think about this: Even the best Certificate of Deposit barely provide a 1 percent return. Savings accounts have an even lower interest rate.

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