The Home Buying Process Series Part II: The Home Inspection

Part II in our home buying series discusses the home inspection contingency. As we discussed earlier, the standard home purchase contract (In California) gives the home buyer 17 days to complete all contingencies. This time frame may be negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

One of the contingencies involves the home buyer’s right to a complete and thorough inspection of the home they are purchasing. It is strongly recommended a professional home inspector is used to complete this process. Typically, the buyer pays the cost of the home inspection. Fees may vary, but you can always contact us if you have questions.

The home inspection usually takes approximately 3 hours, depending upon the size of the home. The home inspector goes through the home thoroughly from top to bottom. They will perform various functions to assess any issues that may affect the sale of the home and provide a detailed, written report to the buyer, the seller, the agent, and the escrow officer.

Upon receiving the written home inspection, the buyer has the right per the purchase contract to ask the seller to repair items that have been listed in the inspection report. Usually the buyer and seller negotiate on the items that will most likely affect the sale of the home.

We will also go through the inspection thoroughly with you, and one of our representatives from Montemayor & Associates will be there during the inspection to answer any questions you have. We will also help put together any requests for repairs and guide you through the process.

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