The Montemayor and Associates Home Buyer Advantage

Despite what you may have heard about the real estate market, available-for-sale home inventory is extremely low. On top of that, 50% or more of the homes available for sale are short sales.

This means that there is sometimes fierce competition for homes that are available for sale.

So what’s the advantage?

Our team at Montemayor & Associates work with home buyers to assess their wants and needs in the most detailed manner possible. With that information, we regularly check the multiple listing service (MLS) for the latest listings that come on the market so that we can get the buyer over to preview as soon as possible. But, that’s not all…

We also belong to various realtor networks in and around the Santa Clarita Valley where we share home buyer needs and in many cases, find homes for our buyers that haven’t even hit the market yet. This way we can get the buyer to the property to preview and, if they like what they see, we can get an offer in right away.

Your time is extremely valuable, and we appreciate and respect that time. With that, we do our best to make the time on your behalf to help you find what you’re looking for based on your wants and needs, and our market expertise.

Now is the time to buy a home. Rates and home prices are still extremely low, and there are many loan programs for qualified buyers that allow them to purchase for as little as a half percent down. For more information and to begin your home search, go to, or call us for a no obligation consultation at 661-290-3802.