The Mortgage Debt Relief Act is Expiring Soon! NOW is the time to short sale!

Are you considering a short sale? NOW IS THE TIME!!! Why is now the time???

With the Mortgage Debt Relief Act expiring at the end of December, there is a lot of uncertainty with how future short sales will be handled. If the act is extended, which in reality does not have to be decided on until the end of next year, then everything will be “Business as Usual.” BUT, if it is not, people who do not complete their short sales before the end of the year could possibly face being taxed with the full amount of the loss!

The only thing consistent about the extension is the fact that it is inconsistent. So, do not let the bank or the government dictate your financial future. Call Montemayor and Associates now to get a FREE private consultation and see what your options are. If you want to keep your home, we can help you with that as well. We look forward to getting the opportunity to help make your life a little bit easier. Contact us soon as time is running out. Direct 661-510-2789 Website: