There IS Life After a Short Sale!

We are excited to have received a recent client testimonial from a client who recently avoided foreclosure when we helped him with a short sale:

Hey Brandon,

Hope all is well and that you’re enjoying the holidays!

Just wanted to pass along some info that may be interesting to you, and helpful to other clients of yours who might be considering a short sale, etc.

We recently took a look at our credit after the short sale, etc. We were amazed that both of our scores were in the mid 700s (it’s been about 6 months since the sale I believe). I know that everybody’s situation is different, but there is life after a short sale – strictly in terms of your credit, you can come out of it okay and that was something I was concerned with from the outset.
Take care,

Eric H.

Now, while every case is different, typically a short sale is much less damaging to one’s credit as opposed to letting their home go to foreclosure. Also, the above clients have put themselves in a good position to purchase another home when they are ready. Know that typically, a foreclosure on your credit record will result in you not qualifying for a conventional loan for AT LEAST seven years, while a short sale, on average, results in a potential home buyer qualifying for a loan within 24 months.

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