Vista Canyon Breaks Ground In Canyon Country

New development promises sustainable community and business center with a plan for 1100 homes for SCV residents.

It’s the 21st century. While we don’t quite have the “Jetson” lifestyle with flying cars and apartment complexes in the sky, we do have smart phones,

Vista Canyon
Photo coutesy JSB Entertainment
electric and hybrid cars, and developments that provide a community-centric place for residents to live and work, while being environmentally friendly.

On July 9th, groundbreaking began on a new development that is truly a sign of the times. Located near the east end of the Santa Clarita Valley at Lost Canyon, Vista Canyon will provide a mix of 1100 homes that will include apartments as well as single family homes. The true selling point is that Vista Canyon will be a mixed community that provides a truly immersive experience for those who wish to live within walking distance of work. Innovative and ambitious with the future in mind, this community will also dedicate 1 million square feet of space to retail, dining, businesses, and hotels.

Sounds like quite the Megalopolis, doesn’t it? Well, for those concerned about the east end of Canyon Country turning into a concrete jungle, you might be happy to know the Vista Canyon will also dedicate more than half of the total development to green space and pedestrian trails that will provide residents and visitors with an aesthetic blend of nature and modern architecture.

But what about the water?

Many who may be concerned about a new development impacting our drought stricken water supply will take comfort in knowing that Vista Canyon will provide a sustainable environment that will include construction of a water reclamation facility which will aid in providing a “net zero” increase in consumption of local water.

Vista Canyon is a development imagined and implemented by JSB Development. Learn more about this new Santa Clarita development by clicking here.