We do our short sales at no-cost to you!

We talk a lot about short sales because they are still very prevalent in today’s real estate market. Many homeowners who had survived up to this point by avoiding foreclosure are finding themselves in more and more difficult positions in trying to keep up with mortgage payments on an upside down loan.

One of the biggest (and unfounded) fears for homeowners regarding short sales is that they will have to pay out-of-pocket expenses to close escrow once a buyer is found and the short sale is approved by the lender. This sometimes leads to procrastination and, ultimately, the homeowner loses their home to the bank in foreclosure.

Here’s the deal: In almost ALL cases, THE HOMEOWNER PAYS NO FEES in an approved short sale. That means exactly that…NO FEES, and that includes realtor commissions.

There are some rare instances where your lender may want some sort of repayment for loans taken out against the original mortgage including second loans or Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) where the equity money accessed was used for personal means. In many cases however, we have been able to convince the bank to forgo these charges against the homeowner during the short sale negotiation and escrow process.

Remember that in order to begin to qualify for a short sale, your home mortgage loan must be worth more than the value of your home, and the homeowner has to prove financial hardship. If you are in over your head, facing financial hardship, or heading toward foreclosure, we can help answer all of your questions to determine if you may qualify for a short sale. Go to for details, or call us for a confidential, no obligation needs analysis as 661-290-3802. We’re here to help.